Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Start of Something Grand

Just wanted to start off this blog with a first post that would be used as a reference of time. Well lets start.
Osama bin Laden was just killed. Shot in the face to be more exact by Seal Team DEVGRU. Had a lot of suspicion at first but then I thought, " How in the world could they fake this guys death. Even if they just caught him and didn't kill him, who cares? Hes gone." That is basically all that matters. There is no way this guy is still around to cause trouble. So fuck him. Oh and that picture that went around? It was so shopped. Trust me, I've seen quite a few shoops in my life.

Now moving on, I found a katana in my attic. Yeah, what a random thing to find in an attic right? I post some pictures of it later. But my god is it sharp and powerful feeling. I went outside to test it out on this Gatorade bottle filled with water and it chopped it clean in half with the bottom still sitting in the same place. Might bring it to my college dorm next year. Speaking of dorms, I have this idea. Why not make a funnel chandelier? It would be awesome. Well thats all I got for now.

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