Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Craziest Stuntman Ever

Alright, just wanted to share this with everyone. Look how crazy this dude is. His name is Damien Walters from the UK. Former professional gymnast turned stuntman. If I were able to do this, I go into being a thief like the guy from Ocean's 12.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Live Anywhere in the World for Free

       I have always wanted to travel and explore other countries. My mother and I traveled the world when I was still very little and after a few years finally settled down in Florida. Some of these places include New Zealand, Thailand, and even a year in Venezuela. For the longest time we never really ventured outside the United States. I always asked if we could go to this country or that country for vacation but my step-dad always had us go to some mountains or something. I got a chance when we went to Cozumel on a cruise. Obviously a tourist trap so it left me very disappointed. All the free food on the cruise was nice though. I urge to leave the confines of this place has been so powerful that it was hard to keep myself from quitting college just to leave right away. Now that I have finished I am going to start preparing for my departure into the world. I have no idea where I'll go first. I've been looking around for ideas and have had a few thoughts.

One thing I definitely don't want to do is get trapped in tourist deals. When I want to go I'm going to make sure it is for a few months. If I'm still not satisfied I'll make even longer trips. Backpacking seems to be the key term here. I've heard the term vagabonding used also. The other day I came across this site called workaway. It was basically a place where people from different countries around the world advertise to travels that they will provide them with food and a place to stay anywhere from a few days to a few months. All they ask is a few hours of work a day. This seemed very appealing to me because you can stay in one spot for a good amount of time to take in the culture and get to know the people and surrounding area.

Here is an examples from the

Country: New ZealandDescription
We run a small accommodation business at the great surf beach of Piha. We have hosted many young travelers from all around the world in our work for accommodation scheme. We are two women and welcome all clean living people to our workaway scheme. ... more
It is pretty cool and you can choose from a ton of different countries. I'm still in the planning stages though so I have no idea what is going to happen. I will update every time something worthwhile is decided or happens.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

I-Doser: Getting High Off Sound

Anyone ever heard of i-doser? If not you should definitely check it out. Its like getting high off of sound. Its pretty crazy. Yes I have tried it and yes it works! If you want to get it free with 194 doses you can follow this link to it.

You will need Winrar for this to open correctly. You can get that here.

 This is a video of the application.

This is i-doser in action. This is the most extreme one they have. So don't get scared by it. Its called Gates of Hades. They have every kind of dose you can think of. From marijuana to orgasms, they have it all.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Stumbling Upon Stuff

I a friend told me about this site called stumble upon. Kind of hard to explain, but it basically just sends you to a random website, video or picture that is based upon your interests. So I suggest you check it out.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Start of Something Grand

Just wanted to start off this blog with a first post that would be used as a reference of time. Well lets start.
Osama bin Laden was just killed. Shot in the face to be more exact by Seal Team DEVGRU. Had a lot of suspicion at first but then I thought, " How in the world could they fake this guys death. Even if they just caught him and didn't kill him, who cares? Hes gone." That is basically all that matters. There is no way this guy is still around to cause trouble. So fuck him. Oh and that picture that went around? It was so shopped. Trust me, I've seen quite a few shoops in my life.

Now moving on, I found a katana in my attic. Yeah, what a random thing to find in an attic right? I post some pictures of it later. But my god is it sharp and powerful feeling. I went outside to test it out on this Gatorade bottle filled with water and it chopped it clean in half with the bottom still sitting in the same place. Might bring it to my college dorm next year. Speaking of dorms, I have this idea. Why not make a funnel chandelier? It would be awesome. Well thats all I got for now.